"we almost dated" is such a weird relationship to have with someone

Plus the sequel “we never got closure”

And then the side adaptation “as I result I have a weird crush that never died”

Ahora mis besos se pierden por otra espalda y hacen noche en otros sueños, que no son los tuyos.

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Matt Shlian is a Michigan-based artist who describes himself as a paper engineer; he uses his engineering skills to create kinetic sculpture from paper.

I cannot explain how I make my sculptures in a general sense- each one is different.  I don’t share my diagrams or cut patterns.  I learned by taking things apart, doing things the “wrong way” and being curious.  Getting something wrong is way more important to learning than copying something perfectly. 

My process is extremely varied from piece to piece.  Often I start without a clear goal in mind, working within a series of limitations. For example on one piece I’ll only use curved folds, or make my lines this length or that angle etc. Other times I begin with an idea for movement and try to achieve that shape or form somehow. Along the way something usually goes wrong and a mistake becomes more interesting than the original idea and I work with that instead. I’d say mystarting point is curiosity; I have to make the work in order to understand it. If I can completely visualize my final result I have no reason to make it- I need to be surprised.

¿Qué pasó, te llevó a volar y te dejó caer desde lo alto? te advertí que ibas a salir herido. - Es mejor herido que dormido como hasta ahora. - ¿Te gusta sufrir? -A veces una herida te recuerda que estás vivo.

Girondo Oliverio/ El lado Oscuro del corazón (fragmento)

(Source: extremosdelacordura)

Hoy casi lloro porque me quedan dos semanas de vida (o tal vez fueron las hormonas).